Meet the Professional at Woodlands Driving Range
Dan Konyk

So Who is Dan Konyk?

Dan is the head professional and owner of UK POWER GOLF. Dan is a class A qualified PGA professional with over 15 years coaching experience.

Dan is also regarded as one of the longest hitters in the world!

Having competed in professional long drive for over ten years Dan has amassed over 15 professional long drive wins throughout Europe & the world.

He is the 2 time UK Long Drive Champion and has made 9 appearances at the world championship finals in Las Vegas so far!

Having recorded club head speeds of over 150mph and ball speeds in excess of 210 mph Dans drives are a sight to behold , with his current personal best being a massive 448yds!

Dan has featured in numerous golf publications including Todays Golfer , Golf World , Golf Illustrated and Golf Tips and has also written numerous instructional articles and featured in Nation Club Golfers power section.

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To Book Lessons With Dan
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